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Professional photography lecturer in several art institutes for 15 years before beginning his career as a full time wedding photographer in 2004. master in black & white.

Participated in numerous exhibitions in Malaysia such as the National Art Gallery, NN Gallery, Shah Alam Gallery, Cornucopia Art and the Metropolitan Art Gallery of fine Art.

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Involved in conducting photography seminars, judging photography competitions and taking up ad hoc projects for magazines. Currently one of the top-earning wedding photographers in Malaysia and constantly engaged in overseas assignments all around the world including countries like Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Jose, Canada, Sikkim, Rome, New Zealand, Korea, Australia, Japan, India, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Bali,etc.   

cj__p1s     WONDROUS VISION was establish in 12-07-2007 With the support of my wife and many many dear friends,I have begun my journey to explore the wedding photography industry . I look forward to share with you – “wondrous vision“.

Our philosophy:

Life is a wonderful gift from God.Capturing the special moment in life,transforming it into a masterpiece that holds on to an everlasting memory,that is our vision.

One thought on “yeh

  1. Hi Yeh,

    I’m looking for a pre-wedding photoshoot package. Actual photoshoot date haven’t set yet, probably at the end of the year. Venue either in penang or kl also not a problem, or you may suggest to us. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    ben (your student from In-House long long time ago.. 🙂

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